o   If the customer has a two letter name, such as Ng or Oh, ask reception to double the last character and check again.  For example, Ng would become Ngg, and Oh would become Ohh.  Some suppliers require a three character name to be registered, and some reservation staff are unaware of this nuance.

o    The hotel may not always have the name of the guest until up to a few hours prior to check-in, however, the hotel usually does have the room booked for the guest (via the supplier’s agreement with the hotel).  The guest should only deal with Your Company and should not be communicating with the hotel prior to checking in as the hotel may not have the guest name and therefore may tell the guest they do not have the reservation.  Please include language in the confirmation and any other communication with the customer to this effect.  This process is due to the agreement that the hotel has made with the supplier.  Hotels like this method because the supplier handles any changes for these bookings in the period before they are handed to the hotel.  Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for the suppliers to send the guest names any sooner. 


o     If the hotel still refuses to honor the booking, the guest will call ZUMATA Customer Service at 1-888-982-4526 and our staff will contact the Supplier to resolve the issue.